Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician Course – Eligibility, Duration‎, Fees, Syllabus

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If you fit the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a diploma in physiotherapy now! OSPMC is one of the reputed DPT colleges to do your diploma in physiotherapy course. For further details regarding duration, fees, and syllabus of diploma in physiotherapy technician courses, get in touch with us.

Among the different forms of treatment availed by patients across the globe, one popular treatment is physiotherapy. It is considered to be an amazing rehab program that offers quick relief to pain faced by the patient. Moreover, the physical therapies, exercises and massages are found to be helpful to patients in numerous ways. It is with physiotherapy sessions that diagnosis, examination of the specific condition and recovery is possible among patients. As a matter of fact, treatments offered in physiotherapy tend to include much more than physical therapy instead of using drugs. It is for this reason, professional skills and expertise does matter a lot. Therefore, the students aspiring to become qualified and skilled physiotherapist are to undergo this program only from the reputed colleges like Dpt College. This college boasts of having employed the best faculties who offer the students with extensive training to bring out the very best in them and to help realize their dream.

Physiotherapy technician courses – Why Physiotherapy is required?

It is also called physical therapy, when the physiotherapist or the physical therapist diagnoses, evaluates and provides treatment for various things like disabilities, disorders and diseases. The professional makes use of different types of stretches and massages to provide relief to the patients suffering from intense pain. This form of treatment is viewed generally as conventional medicine. Those facing injury at any part of the body can visit the physiotherapist to get treatment.

Types of  physiotherapy Courses

It is without doubt that the physiotherapist is qualified enough to provide the most appropriate treatments to pains emerging in the muscles and joints. It can also be for more serious issues like rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy is of three types, namely:

  • Neurological: This type deals with the mind. It includes people suffering from multiple sclerosis, stroke, injury caused to the spinal cord or head.
  • Cardiothoracic: This type is meant for taking care of respiratory issues like chronic bronchitis and asthma.
  • Musculoskeletal: In this type, pains emerging in the bones, joints or muscles are treated. Such pains may arise due to any sprain, arthritis or work injury, etc.

Easing pain

With proper and timely use of physiotherapy treatment, pain associated with the bones, joint discomforts, conditions related to the mind, lungs and the heart, childhood conditions and those emerging from old age can be provided prompt treatment. As a physiotherapist, you are required to understand where the pain is faced by the patient, evaluate them and use your skills to provide ease from discomfort faced. Your primary goal will be to restore the patient’s normal body function. This is achieved by making use of different forms of treatments including massages, providing the right diet chart and exercise.

One common therapy that is often suggested for patients suffering from various bone and joint issues is massage therapy. It helps to treat those sore body muscles and to promote relaxation. It helps to stimulate circulation of blood all over the body, to relieve stress and to distribute the fluids inside as well as to relieve headaches. But to become efficient in this domain and to become a professional, you need to undergo the diploma in physiotherapy course and get adequately certified.

Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician – Eligibility, duration, Syllabus, fees

Eligibility: In order to enrol for this amazing course, you are required to have necessary qualification like 10th pass, 10+2, B. Sc., B. A., B. Com or equivalent. Also, no age restriction is present to undergo this course.

Duration: It is basically a two year physiotherapy courses, helping students to become skilled and certified physiotherapy technicians.

Syllabus: The course offered by the reputed colleges generally includes combined knowledge of practical and theoretical approach to help the students to prepare themselves to execute their tasks with great confidence. The students are also required to practice the skills learnt by them and to understand the multiple technologies to help perform their tasks smoothly and efficiently.

Fees: For fees, you can speak to college staff for details.

Career scope

The truth is that demand for qualified and skilled physical therapist or physiotherapist is on the rise. With time, it has gained significant importance in the industry and is found to be quite a rewarding career. Hence, there has been increased number of students applying for this course. The growing need for qualified and talented professionals is what has been helping candidates to get good jobs immediately on successful completion of the course. It is also possible to work with patients acing sports injuries or having had surgeries. Physiotherapists are in high demand among both government and private hospitals, but one need to check for employment criteria of respective state governments. Opportunities also exist in other areas. There are present several fitness clinics, NGOs, health centres and sports team who require the services of skilled and expert physiotherapists.

Therefore, selecting the best college to undergo the course is of extreme importance to be ahead of the race to get the best jobs and salary in the industry.

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