BSC MLT Course: Become a Qualified Medial Lab Technician

bsc mlt course

BSC MLT Course: Become a Qualified Medial Lab Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician has gained a massive hype lately in the healthcare sector. Thousands of individuals opt for a bscmlt course to become a valuable part of the medical and healthcare industry. The competency of medical laboratory technicians is trusted in the process of collection, testing, and evaluation of different biological specimens. Along with that, MLT professionals handle instrument maintenance, perform laboratory procedures and find signs of common conditions and diseases.

Medical laboratory professionals often perform their tasks under the supervision or guidance of MT or Medical Technologists. MLTs support medical technologists in utilizing lab equipment, preparing specimens and slides, and assisting in the process of abnormality detection. These abnormalities can be related to parasites, bacteria, malignancies and/or genetic abnormalities. Routine blood testing and blood-typing also come within their job profile. 

BSC MLT Course prepares students to become a medical lab technician in 3 years. The program is available for candidates who have completed their 10+2, B.Sc., B.A., B.Com and/or any other equivalent. As the name suggests, the course revolves around the science of clinical laboratory in the field of healthcare. The involvement of technology in healthcare has made laboratory science more important. Clinical tests assist in the process of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. And this program helps students develop all the necessary skills.

OSPMC has been a reputed choice for students for MLT program. We create a high-tech and well-assisted learning environment for our students. Our faculty includes the best professionals who train during the whole program. Major knowledge and skills involve laboratory organization, blood banking, lab maintenance, general medicine, clinical biochemistry, interpersonal skills, and immunology as well. This comprehensive approach to Bscmlt course training is how we prepare students for exceptional career opportunities.

BSC MLT course: what is the purpose?

A qualified lab technician deals with various clinical tests in the laboratory to help in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. Lab technicians are extremely trusted and important in the field of healthcare. Every healthcare facility requires such talented professionals to collect, manage, organize and test various samples. It would not be wrong to say that modern medicine relies on the excellence of laboratory technicians.

The demand for expert laboratory technicians is high in health facilities, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and commercial labs as well. So, it is never difficult for a qualified professional to attain a great job opportunity. All the real-world work settings allow graduates to research, collaborate and utilize their knowledge.

Being a responsible job, it asks for a lot of hard work, accuracy, and ability to research. Candidates should know how to use their technical skills in an efficient manner. At the same time, the knowledge of lab instruments, mechanical ability, and computer skills are required as well. And you learn it all during this program at OSPMC.

BSc MLT: What are the course details?

This specialization allows aspirants to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. The course teaches about the identification, treatment as well as the prevention of various diseases with the utilization of advanced clinical tests in a laboratory. Medical laboratory specialists play a strong role in every healthcare institution or medical facility. Collecting samples accurately, testing them and diagnosing diseases are the jobs of a professional of MLT.

In this degree program, students learn to collect samples, test them and detect different kinds of diseases. This program also teaches how to organize samples and maintain records. Moreover, students learn to use advanced laboratory equipment such as microscopes and computers. Students practice the use of computers for sample testing and keeping records. At the same time, the microscopic observation of various samples allows students to improve their skills as a professional.

Aspirants are allowed to apply to this course after the completion of their 12th or any other similar course. It is up to a student whether he or she wants to start working as a professional after this course or decides to pursue a related Master’s degree. A holder of MLT master’s degree can choose to indulge in research work and expand his or her knowledge to a whole new extent. Several skills help during the course and on a professional level, such as sharp analytical abilities, hardworking personality, and ability to research thoroughly, an enthusiasm towards lab instruments.

BSC MLT: How to become eligible?

Our program is available for all candidates who have passed 10+2 or its equivalent. You can even apply with a qualification of B.Sc., B.A., B.Com, or any other equivalent. There is no restriction in terms of age of a candidate.

Highlights of our B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technician course

The course has duration of 3 years, during which you learn every skill required to be a clinical lab technician.

Completing our course will prepare you in the field of medical laboratory technologies. You can then work as a specialist at renowned medical laboratories in the country. Our program and degree are admired in the industry, both in private as well as public sectors. Our students receive career opportunities in prestigious hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks, pathology laboratories, and other healthcare facilities.

Currently, the demand for skilled and qualified laboratory technicians is booming. We prepare our students in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge. And that prepares for advanced work environments. Completing our course, you can take the managerial or supervisory role in high-profile laboratories and hospitals. Also, there is a wide range of career scopes such as laboratory manager, consultant, laboratory analyst, coordinator, and various others.

BSc MLT course scope

Medical Technologists hold a valuable role in the healthcare sector. The technical knowledge and practical capabilities of a BSc MLT degree holder ensure a large number of job opportunities in this sector. The job roles involve the detection of different kinds of illnesses and organizing reports to help doctors proceed with the best-suited treatment for patients.

The private medical sector has evolved in the country, which has increased the number of opportunities for medical technologists. Lab technicians are required in blood banks, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and pathology laboratories as well. The profound understanding of the required skills makes career growth simpler for professionals in this industry.

In the beginning, candidates start with an average income of INR 2 to INR 5 Lakhs per annum. However, the experience of a professional allows the salary to increase up to 10 lakh per annum. At the same time, the salary packages can differ with respect to the designations obtained by a professional.

A BSc MLT degree holder can begin a career as:

  • Health Administrator
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Medical Officer
  • Hospital Outreach Manager
  • Resident Medical Officer
  • Research Associate
  • Laboratory Tests Manager
  • Laboratory Information Analyst
  • Educational Consultant

Along with that, the job profile scope also includes:

  • Technical Executive
  • R&D Lab Technician
  • Medical Technician
  • Lab Technician
  • X-Ray Technician

These positions become available at hospitals, Universities, colleges, military services, blood banks, and other locations.

Here are a few job descriptions of some of the most popular positions related to bscmlt:

Lab Technician: As a lab technician, you attain the responsibility of working in laboratories. You get to work in various environments that include industry, social insurance, instructive establishments, and others. There is a huge diversity of work that lab technicians get to perform in the fields of science, geography, gadgets and more.

X-Ray Technician: After successfully completing your mlt course, you can become an X-ray technician. As an X-ray technician, you are supposed to manage and operate X-ray equipment in a medical facility. The x-ray department is very common in clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities. And, such institutions require qualified technicians to manage X-ray equipment with precision. You become the in-charge of operating the machine to get the required images of patients’ internal structure.

Medical Technician: When you become a medical technician after some experience in the field, you perform various essential activities in laboratories. Your knowledge of lab techniques makes you a reliable professional in conducting medical tests, keeping records and a lot more. However, the position as an MT requires specialization in a particular field, for instance, atomic science.

Technical Executive: You can become a technician executive to coordinate and manage all kinds of medical operations for a medical facility. Hospitals and clinics hire qualified MLTs to handle equipment during medical operations.

R&D Lab Technician: As a professional lab technician, you can join the research and development department in one of the recognized medical research facilities. You conduct testing and evaluations to provide conclusions to various processes. Tried and tested processes allow medical professionals to safely and effectively conduct them in the future. In the research and development department, you get exciting roles related to information gathering, managing records with precision and documenting all the records without making any mistake.

Hence, there is a wide range of career options available out there for professionals who have qualified as a Medical Laboratory Technician. The demand for laboratory technology and techniques is increasing rapidly in the field of medical science. With that growth, more and more medical facilities are looking for reliable professionals who understand how to manage, operate and utilize the advanced lab technologies and techniques effectively.

If you are interested in exploring a bright career future in the field of medical laboratory science, OSPMI has one of the finest and most reputed courses available for you. 

BSc MLT fee structure

We, at OSPMC, make sure that you receive excellent facilities and get to learn from highly experienced faculty members. Along with that, we believe in making our courses available to every eligible student. Hence, we follow a reasonable fee structure to ease the submissions and make education cost-efficient for you.

Duration of the course

The duration of the BSc MLT degree program is 3 years, divided into semesters.

Syllabus of the course

Our experienced faculty members have invested their time and energy to select the best-suited subjects and develop a smooth flow of learning year after year. The level of concepts and subjects gradually increase from basic to advance. This way, we allow students to comfortably grow their capabilities and prepare for real-world professional work.

These are the subjects we introduce in the first year of this course:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Subsidiary subjects

And others!

These are the subjects we cover in the second year of this course:

  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Sociology
  • Pathology
  • Subsidiary subjects

And others!

These are the subjects we cover in the third year of this course:

  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Biochemistry
  • Database Management
  • Ethics
  • Biostatistics
  • Research
  • Computer Application

And others!

We upgrade our course structure in every session to include the latest technologies and techniques of the medical laboratory sector. The same subjects are taught year after year at different levels. The first year is about helping the students find out about the basics. Then, the second year digs deeper into the concepts as well as the practical use of those concepts. In the final year, students get to polish their skills at an advanced level of the subjects and concepts. Then, all the successful students receive their degree in BSc MLT.

Success assurance at OSPMC!

All our courses get the empowerment from the high-tech environment and highly capable faculty members. Our successful history in the industry offers our degree a prestige you desire. You learn skills and a reputed degree to kick start your career in the field of healthcare. We prepare each student as a reliable lab technician. You learn how to work in different work scenarios. Your ability to understand laboratory environment and its utilization improve to a great extent during the whole program. Your knowledge of technicalities, equipment, and communication increases. And it all prepares you to become a talented professional.

Get admission details today!

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