BSC OT Course: Top College For B.Voc / B.Sc. In Operation Theatre Technician


BSC OT Course is a program that trains students as operation theatre technicians. Being a graduate-level program, the course duration is 3 years, which welcomes students who have passed 10+2, B.Sc., B.A., or any other equivalent. The program has a systematic structure from start till the end, which makes learning an enjoyable experience for students. And all of it is available at the campus of OSPMC.

We offer this degree course to encourage necessary skills in students who want to rise in the field of operation theatre technician. The syllabus and learning structure of our course align with the modern-age operation theatre and its management. We enable every student to manage patients, handle the work in different kinds of operation theatres and understand the communication approach of an OT as well. Our program gradually teaches how to carefully manage surgical instruments. The sterilization and disinfection techniques are taught to help with surgical instrument management. Apart from all that, we turn every student into an OT specialist by teaching the management of anaesthetic gases, medications, sheets, curtains, and other elements.

BVOC / BSC OT: what is the purpose?

BVOC / BSC in OT teaches the ethics, function, and layout of different kinds of operation theatres in healthcare. The equipment management is one of the biggest responsibilities that decide the success of medical operations. A skilled OT technician enables a smooth flow of work in operation theatres, ICUs and CCUs. All private, as well as government healing facilities, have their own surgical wards. They require trained professionals to manage those wards in order to ensure the success of operations. This course gives the foundation and prepares candidates for those responsibilities.

Having a degree in OT Course allows professionals a chance to assist reputed specialists, surgeons, and nurses. The foundational responsibilities involve assisting doctors during surgeries, organizing and managing surgical instruments, ensuring the cleanliness and sterilization of instruments, following orders of surgeons, preparing for a crisis, and handling OT equipment. The intensity of the role keeps on changing depending on the type of operation theatre. A B.Voc. / B.Sc. course in OT allows students to know how to assist during a General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology, Neurosurgery, and Plastic Surgery.

Keeping the modern-age requirements of OTs, our course aligns with medical ethics, OT management, anaesthesia technology, equipment management, and OT care after operations. We teach students how to handle patients before and after an operation. Students learn the standard protocols of disinfecting and sterilizing operation theatre instruments. Nurses and surgeons get assistance during surgeries, which is another skill students learn during this program.

Our course prepares you to work and also enables a chance to pursue higher educational opportunities.

Eligibility requirements for B.Voc. / B.Sc. in OT

We welcome all candidates who hold the qualification of 10+2, B.Sc.,, B.A. or any other equivalent. The board has to be recognized and valid. There is no age-associated restriction for this 3-year long program.

Career prospects as an operation theatre technician

Most of the recruitment happens in hospitals. They hire operation theatre technicians for their ICUs, OTs, emergency departments and other healing wards. These departments are common in nursing homes as well as hospitals. Hence, the career prospects stay pretty wide after successfully completing this program.

Students with B.Voc/ BSc OT can get job offers from cancer units, orthopaedic clinics, transplant facilities, surgery units, baby care facilities, and other wards. The qualification also opens career opportunities in the field of education, training, and research.

Why choose OSPMC?

When you want a strong start in the field of healthcare, your initial education matters a lot. At the same time, you need a degree that holds great reputation in the real world. And both the traits are possible at OSPMC. We have been a relevant and renowned name in the area of healthcare-focused educational programs. Our teaching excellence has made our degree highly reputed. So, you get the best theoretical and practical knowledge to apply. And the degree helps you go up the ladder of success faster.

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