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Optometry is a medical field focused on the health, diseases, and defects of the eye. Optometrists are a highly valuable source of knowledge and assistance for eye-related diseases and defects. They use their skills to detect and treat various eye disorders. An optometrist conducts eye examinations, recommends preventive measures, and offers treatments for specific eye diseases and defects. Most clinics and hospitals nowadays have their optometry department, in which qualified professionals are hired. People who study to become qualified from one of the reputed bsc optometry colleges receive a huge career scope in the field of eye care.

A degree in Optometry is beneficial to get into any sort of eye care related field such as optometry counselling, spectacle designing, lens designing, spectacles sales executive and more. Hence, interested individuals can expect job flexibility, community respect, excellent opportunities, financial success and personal growth.

B.Sc. optometry course and B.VOC is an undergraduate program. The program is 3 years long, which is divided into multiple semesters. Essentially, this course introduces an advanced level of clinical skills related to eyesight, eye disease detection, and corrective lenses.

OSPMC is one of the most prestigious colleges offering BVOC/BSC level programs in the area of optometry. Interested aspirants require qualification of 10th and 10+2. Or they should show their qualification in any equivalent program. However, there is no restriction regarding age when it comes to our eligibility criteria.

Optometry courses: what is the purpose?

We have specially designed our course to enhance the clinical skills of eligible candidates. We train students and develop a thorough knowledge of examining, diagnosing, and treating eye-related diseases. Our course also allows students to manage disorders and correctly prescribe optical aids and necessary lenses.

After successfully completing our program, graduates become qualified to pursue higher studies. The vision care field opens the gates of M SC and several other high-level courses.

Our optometry program aligns with the modern-age requirements of skills and professional techniques. We educate each and every student about visual screening. They learn various methods of diagnosing visual problems. The vision training, orthotics and optometric counselling also become part of their learning program. So, every graduate becomes a reliable and trustworthy professional for patients out there. Our graduates hold the ability to provide expert counselling for colour blindness, partial sight, and other vision defects. In fact, we also help in developing skills of prescribing contact lens, spectacles, and other vision-related aid.

We, at OSPMC, prepare students to operate in and/or contribute to the vision care department in every way possible. Our expert faculty knows how to balance theory and practical approach together, which is why our students develop the much-needed confidence and discipline to work in the real-world scenarios.

B.Sc. Optometry: course description and syllabus

Our bsc optometry syllabus has been designed by experts, keeping the latest industry demands and standards in mind. Fundamental concepts and in-depth subjects are covered systematically to prepare students for real-world scenarios and patient requirements.

In our OT course, subjects such as clinical psychology, occupational optometry, contact lens, general biochemistry, ocular biochemistry, and others are covered initially. These subjects contain all the fundamental concepts that prepare students for their advanced level studies.

As students build their pillars of optometry knowledge, we introduce the principles of optometry, nutrition, low vision treatments, geometrical optics, and hospital procedures. The idea is to cultivate knowledge, skills, and awareness of the procedures. From there on, students learn about various ocular diseases, eyes and systemic diseases. Our syllabus also teaches students about dispensing optics, optometric instruments, and pharmacology.

All students get to practice their ability to conduct clinical examinations related to the visual system. The concepts of microbiology and pathology, visual optics and physical optics, binocular vision and many others create a thorough understanding of optometry in students.

B.Voc./ B.Sc. optometry: eligibility criteria to apply for the program

Pursuing the field of optometry requires advanced training, which you receive at OSPMC. Our BVOC / BSC optometry has some eligibility criteria which you need to fulfil.

You have to have 10th and 10+2 qualification or its equivalent in order to apply.

There is no restriction in terms of age.

Optometry courses fees: high-quality education is now affordable as well!

At OSPMC, we aim to make our courses suitable and affordable for students from all backgrounds, which is why we ask for the most necessary fees without making it difficult on your financial profile. Even this amount has been divided into small instalments, which you can pay year after year. This is our effort to ensure that every student receives the best-quality education in the field of optometry.

Highlights of our optometry program

This is an undergraduate program which trains students in areas of vision treatment, equipment handling, and management in the vision care department, human eye operations, lenses and visual aid. Our program involves both theoretical and practical approaches of training to prepare students comprehensively.

Why should you opt for this program?

If you have a desire to serve in the medical industry, this program is the right choice for you. Your ability to handle patients tactically gets further improved after completing this program under our roof.

Your managerial skills, interpersonal abilities, and communication capacity come into play to make you a great professional in this field. You can use your interpersonal skills and combine them with the technical knowledge of optometry. This way, you become a perfect candidate who would provide patient care with confidence and diagnose and treat specific eye diseases and disorders accurately.

To attain success as an optometrist, you need to be hardworking and dedicated towards learning and perfecting your ability to diagnose, examine and treat eye-related medical conditions. Your confidence plays a huge role in making patients comfortable. At the same time, patience should be your core personality trait to listen to people and give advice in an empathetic manner.

If you are someone who wants to serve people in medical need, this career is for you. But, attaining success is also a matter of self-discipline, team management, and effective communication.

Our course will help you harness and enhance the right technical and interpersonal skills to become a competent professional in the field of optometry.

Career prospects after this degree

Being a dynamic healthcare field, optometry offers a wide range of career opportunities. The areas of vision measurement, lens fitting and prescription, eye disease treatment, and others become open to graduates.

There are top-notch healthcare facilities ready to hire skilled professionals in their eye care department. You can also start working for optical showrooms or eye clinics. Various multinational lens manufacturing companies hire skilled graduates in their manufacturing units.

The career opportunities are never-ending and highly rewarding in terms of pay. All this makes our reputed optometry course a reliable career choice for you.

Here are some of the most popular career options after completing your bachelor degree in optometry:

Optician: As an optician, you get to prescribe spectacles and offer various optical aids to both children and adults. You are supposed to follow the prescriptions provided by ophthalmologists and optometrists. Your expertise in spectacle frames and lenses assists patients in the selection of the right kind of spectacles in terms of lens type, weight, colour, and style.

Optometrist: As an optometrist, you use your skills of eye examination to find out defects associated with ocular and vision diseases. The diagnosis of diseases like conjunctivitis and glaucoma becomes possible with the examination procedures conducted by a skilled optometrist. At the same time, you provide the best-suited treatment for various diagnosed diseases.

Teacher: As a teacher, you can begin your career at one of the colleges, where you can create and plan lessons, then, teach those lessons to the students. Along with that, you are supposed to fulfil all other responsibilities of a teacher like tracking student progress, communicating with parents, creating tests, ensuring a progressive classroom environment, preparing students for examinations and working with other faculty members and staff.

Research Assistant: As a research assistant in the field of optometry, you prepare reports, presentations, and articles related to research activities. This job also involves routine clerical responsibilities, depending on the instructions given by the researchers. Your job becomes essential to the success of a project, as you provide assistance in various activities along with administrative duties.

Sales Executive: With your qualified knowledge of optometry, you can become a sales executive for an organization that provides optometric lenses, spectacle frames, and other related products. You become a valuable part of such organizations, communicating with clients to offer your expert advice, answer queries, and demonstrate new products and other responsibilities. You are supposed to organize sales visits, present products and answer questions asked by clients.

Eye Doctor: The most popular career option with this qualification is this one. As an eye doctor, you perform different kinds of vision tests, then, evaluate results to plan the right treatment approach. You hold the ability to diagnose sight-associated problems like farsightedness, near-sightedness as well as many other eye diseases.

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