Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) Courses –Eligibility, Duration‎, Fees, Syllabus

BMLT Course

(B.Sc) Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology aims to equip the candidates with basic and advanced learning of laboratory diagnostic procedures. Aspiring students should enroll for the BMLT course from a reputed bmlt college. For Medical Lab Technician details like its eligibility, duration, fees, syllabus, etc. you can check right here.

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in the paramedical sciences, particularly in the line where you can combine both technical skills along with a strong medical knowledge base? Well, then the perfect field for you would be to become a Medical Lab Technician (MLT). Not sure who a MLT is and what are their responsibilities? Well, if one is to start at the very beginning then it is essential that one gets a degree in a reputed Bmlt course. After this one can pursue a career in this line of work which involves responsibilities like testing human blood or other fluid samples and detecting any abnormalities. Basically, a MLT is trained to detect if something is wrong with a patient’s provided sample.

What do you need to know of this educational program?

There are a few things that one needs to be aware of if one is seriously considering becoming a lab technician. Well, one of the first things that one will need to do is enroll in the BMLT. This is a Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology which will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to get a job in this field. It is a job oriented program and hence all the details that you need to know about being a MLT will be taught in this course along with practical hands on experience when it comes to handling equipment that are essential in this line of work.

Stretched over a substantial period of time, this program aims at training aspirants so that can be successful in this line of work. Once armed with a degree in this field one can apply for various prestigious posts related to this field with much credibility. As more and more students are moving towards specialization these days, if one wants to pursue a career as a MLT, getting a degree has become a must. There are some basic bmlt course details that one needs to be aware of when applying for it.

How can one get a B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)?

There are a few basic criteria that one has to fulfil in order to be eligible for a degree in this course.

Eligibility criteria: One has to clear their 10 and 10+2 exams with substantial grades. One will also need to have completed a graduation in any recognised field from a recognised college. Apart from the basic technical criteria, it is also essential that one has a strong base in the science subjects, particularly biology and chemistry since a basic understanding of these two subjects is a must for any aspirant who wants to become a MLT. Good communication skills and a pleasant attitude are also required since this is mostly a team work.

Thus, one has to fit all the above mentioned criteria in order to earn a degree in B.Sc medical laboratory technology (MLT).

Details to know when pursuing a course in a bmlt college

Duration: The degree is most likely to take you a period of three years to complete, like most bachelors programs. You can also join a DMLT course or a Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, which is stretched over a period of two years.

Fees: The fees for it will vary from place to place and from college to college. Contact OSPMI college staff for fee structure.

What will be taught?

During the course of two or three years, some of the fundamentals of lab technology will be introduced to the students. Let us take a look at some of the topics that will be covered:

  • A solid foundation in bio chemistry
  • The basics of handling lab equipment
  • The basics of blood banking and sampling
  • An idea about clinical biochemistry
  • Rigorous training in immunology
  • How to organise a laboratory
  • Special focus on building communication skills

Career opportunities:

As one can tell from taking a look at the syllabus, training in BMLT will open up various job opportunities for the aspirant. There are multiple options and fields that a certified medical lab technician can explore. For starters one can get a job in any laboratory either working as an assistant or a supervisor. There is also the possibility of one applying for a job as a pathologist. Numerous such well-paid and high end jobs are available to one who has a degree. If intended one can go abroad for further studies and start their own practise there or join a job, which is likely to pay them more. Medical lab technicians are in demand all across the globe and hence there will be no dearth of good jobs. All one needs to do is get a degree from a reputed paramedical college and numerous career paths will open up for them.

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